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900 years is a book about the Knights Templar.

But it is also about something else.

In what follows, as I reveal the true purpose and agenda of the Knights Templar, the book will become relevant to humankind’s modern day relationship to faith and religion.


In my opinion, nothing is more important at this point of human history.


Throughout history, religion and faith have not only been the foundation of power and emotions but have also been fundamental to fuelling the conflicts between peoples. .

This has resulted in some of the bloodiest wars ever fought.

These wars are not just a thing of the past.

Quite the contrary.

Today we are facing some of the biggest challenges in this basic conflict.

Religion and the exploitation of religious sentiments are increasingly overshadowing all other political, monetary and national interests, to become the most powerful cause of global conflict.

Consequently the biggest challenge confronting the human race in our day is to achieve a common global awareness of the principal elements of religious sentiments and faith.

But what are the essential factors in this context?


The capacity to think logically is a radical distinction between human and all other living organisms on Earth. It has enabled us to understand more and more about the universe in which we live. This growing understanding has made it possible for human beings to constantly improve our existence and living conditions - and human recognition and awareness of our place and function in the universe is continuously expanding - all as a result of one single capacity: our unique logical sense.

But what is logic?

Quite simply: Logic is a faculty.

It is a faculty in the same way that hearing, seeing, feeling, smelling and tasting are faculties.

We use our faculties for perceiving the world around us and in so doing we recognize material manifestations in the universe such as light, sounds, objects, and so on.


One can say the universe expands as a result of our faculties. Because each time

a manifestation of the universe – such as a ray of light – is perceived and recognized, one more element is added to the structure of the universe: After being realized by our consciousness the ray of light exists in the universe both as a ray of light and as an image of the ray of light.

Similarly, logic is a significant structure of the universe.

It is interesting to note that if all our other faculties were intact but our sense of logic was not, we could probably "recognize" much of the manifestations in the universe, but we would be utterly incapable of recognizing a single one of the relationships and structures that unify and link the universe into universal regularities, and thus universal truths – as "recognized" and described throughout history by geniuses like Archimedes, Pythagoras, Copernicus, Newton and Einstein – would not have been "realized" by human consciousness.

Our sense of logic is our ability to perceive the existence of a logical structure of the universe.

We also have another everyday word for this faculty: we call it reason.

In addition to using reason to achieve a higher awareness of ourselves and the universe, we also use reason to make "judgements". This is an important part of the basis for our perception of justice, as it is practised every day in courtrooms and parliaments.

Just as we cannot explain the colour red or the sound of a brazen bell – but we knew what it is when we hear or see it – nor can we explain reason and logic. We simply just sense them. ......continues in "900 Years - the Templars' Secret Agenda"







Encompassing more than half of the world’s population - more than 3.8 billion believers - three religions in the world: Christianity, Islam and Judaism, are based on the same belief. All three agree that one – and only one – almighty God created and rules the universe.

But if this is so, how can each fraction be convinced that this almighty God will reward them if they kill their opponents in his name?

This is obviously illogical.

If there is one and only one God and this God is almighty, he should not need “help” to kill anyone. It is obviously logical that he can deal with this himself.

Now we have touched upon a fundamental question: what is logic?


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